Mindfulness is the path to immortality.
Negligence is the path to death.
The vigilant never die,
Whereas the negligent are the living dead.

The wise man,
By vigor, mindfulness, restraint, and
Creates for himself an island
Which no flood can submerge.

The foolish, the unwise,
Surrender themselves to negligence,
Whereas the wise man protects mindfulness
As his most valuable possession.

Don’t lose yourself in negligence,
Don’t lose yourself in sensuality.
For it is the mindful and meditative man
Who will experience supreme happiness.

When the enlightened man frees himself
From careless behavior through mindfulness,
Free of sorrow, he gazes on the sorrowing
As one on the mountain top gazes on the plains below.

A seeker, concentrating on mindfulness,
Advances like a fire,
Consuming the chains of bondage
Both great and small.

A monk, or lay person, rejoicing in mindfulness,
Seeing the danger of neligence,
Cannot fall backwards
And is close to nirvana.