Long is the night to the sleepless.Long is the road to the weary traveler.
Long is the cycle of rebirths to the unwise,
Who do not know the truth.

Should a traveler fail to find a companion
Equal or better,
Rather than suffer the company of a fool,
He should resolutely walk alone.

To the extent that a fool knows his foolishness,
He may be deemed wise.
A fool who considers himself wise
Is indeed a fool.

A fool may associate with a wise man throughout his life
And remain untouched by his wisdom,
Even as a spoon cannot taste the flavor of soup.

Until he feels the effect,
The fool rejoices in his evil deed.
When the action reaches fruition,
The fool harvests nothing but grief.

An evil deed does not produce its results at once.
It smolders slowly, like a fire covered by ashes,
And finally consumers its doer, the fool.