You, yourselves, must walk the path.
Buddhas only show the way.

All conditioned things are subject to change.
When one realizes this truth,
One feels wearied of these suffering heaps.
This is the way of purification.

Curb your speech.
Restrain your mind.
Commit no evil deed.
By these means,
Accomplish the practice of the path
Made out by the sages.

Wisdom is born from meditation.
Not to meditate is loss.
Know the difference between gain and loss.
Make the choice to walk where wisdom grows.

As long as there is the least clinging to lustful thoughts,
Man will remain in mental bondage,
Like a nursing calf attached to its mother.

Death carries the unaware man away,
While he is still busily acquiring children and animals,
Much as a rampaging flood engulfs a sleeping village.