Mooladhara chakra marks the interface between two modes of evolution, as it is the lowest chakra in man but the highest in animal. Man, therefore, stands one octave higher thna the animal.

By stimulating the chakra via the practice of moola bandha, we can raise ourselves higher again as the kundalini rises through the psychic centres, lifting our consciousness to the level of the divine.

Mooladhara chakra is the base chakra in man. It has, however, a direct link with ajna chakra situated in the midbrain.  Thus, by stimulating this centre, we also awaken our intuitive faculties associated with the third eye, the eye of intuition.

When we remember that it represents the instinctive, animalistic side of man, and that when man’s consciousness resides here he is unconscious of himself, then we can understand how an awakening in this chakra means an awakening of the individual to his instincts and animal propensities.

Animal consciousness is basically unconscious, as they are not aware, and do not know that they exist. Man, however, is able to know that he exists, and to experience the world at a conscious level, at least for brief periods of time. Those who are aware for longer periods are more evolved in terms of consciousness, and those who are constantly aware twenty-four hours a day have completed their human evolution and can exist as conscious entities without the need for physical bodies. This stage is called jivanmukta, and occurs when kundalini pierces sahasrara chakra.

By the practice of moola bandha the unconscious, instinctive, uncontrolled, selfish, viol;ent, animal propensities are transformed into intuiotion, control, selflessness, peace and divine qualities.