Welcome back, practice. I love you.

You didn’t go anywhere. Not really. I practiced throughout the month of April. I did take a break from journaling about it. I needed to re-charge my batteries and re-calibrate the game-plan.

I will now take this journal more seriously. There are the seeds of a book here. Derek is right: you can write a book about your yoga journey, beginning from your reading of The Autobiography of a Yogi to your impending Yoga Alliance certification.

Great idea!


  • Finish certification at Addicted to Yoga
  • Mysore practice, two times a week: the complete Primary Series, approximately 105 minutes
  • Personal practice, four times a week: a minimum of Surya Namaskara A and B, 5x, with an intended target David Swenson’s 45-minute short form, modified upwards to 60 minutes

“No pressure, but…”

  • God-willing, add one day of the complete Primary Series in lieu of one day of a Short Form practice. So by the end of the month, when all goes well, we will be practicing the complete Primary Series three days a week, and practicing a Short Form version three days a week, for a total of six days a week.

Sunday, May 31:

Saturday: One hour of hatha yoga at Ripple Yoga.

Good, sweaty, strong practice. Ripple Yoga is a keeper!

Sunday: Mysore at Ashtanga Yoga Seattle, with Alex. Alex is grrrr-eat!

I’m sore at the moment. A bit sore all over. Obliques. Trapezius. Triceps. Quad. Hips. A good sore.

Tomorrow: last Mysore before the Full Moon in Sagittarius. And the last Mysore of my stay in Seattle!

Friday, May 29:

I’m too lazy to go back, day by day, and figure out what I did when. All I know is I only missed one day: Wednesday. There were two Mysore days and two non-Mysore days. Yesterday was Ripple Yoga: an hour of Vinyasa flow. Great class! Quite challenging. The instructor was no joke. I was absolutely drenched with sweat within twenty minutes. Loved it! Going again tomorrow.

Today was Salt Room Yoga with Rhonda. She was great! Lot of adjustments. ‘Twas a grueling practice. I even cried a bit after Sirsasana, during Paschimottanasna B. The Jill stuff. A lot of tension and stress came out. Th. ere’s still a lot more in there…

And earlier this week I went to Ashtanga Seattle. Alex taught it. He said I’m ready for Secondary Series.

I know this goes against improving my “humanity” and all, but I want to get fitter. Buffer. More cut up. I am still not happy with my body. I feel like it doesn’t look as fit as it actually is. Looking forward to lifting when I get back.

Three months of lifting. First month: one day a week. Second month: two days a week, one day SL, one day Olympic lifts. Third month: Two days a week. Maybe even two and a half days a week.

Gonna cut off some fat. Gain some muscle.

My legs are incredible. I love how they look. Just want a more defined upper body.

Sunday, May 24:

Feel a lot better. Was a 2/10; now I’m a 5/10, going on a 6/10. Will do yoga tomorrow. Today my body still needs rest.

Saturday, May 23:

Sickness. Severe cold. Did nothing but lay in bed and sleep.

Friday, May 22:

Complete Mysore practice — albeit out of order! — with Lily from Ashtanga Seattle. I was nervous, as it has been quite a while since I’ve practiced. It feels like an eternity. And jumping back in with a complete practice?! On a mat that’s not my precious Manduka?!

It went well. The first 30-45 minutes were tough. I thought about quitting. It consoled me. But then I broke through and, while challenging, it turned manageable. My body was more limber than I expected. Shocking, really. It’s almost like — gasp — the time off helped!

I got up at 5 AM and was there bright and early at 6. It’s 10 AM and I think I’ll nap before the conference, which begins at 1pm.

Thursday, May 21:

Two weeks later… I can’t remember if I did Sun Salutations some days, but I don’t think I did. So we basically went 16 days without practice. Interesting.

Involuntary, too. I wanted to practice. I just couldn’t. Not sure why. I “could” but I didn’t. Burnout? Just too much life stress? Things have been overwhelming.

I practiced at Yogasmith Seattle today. It was a light practice, led by Joel. A beautiful studio that also doubles as a home. It’s an incredible environment, truly. I had a great practice! I needed this oh so desperately.

Tuesday, May 5 & Wednesday, May 6:


Been indulging in a new relationship and have not been properly prioritizing yoga. We are going to attack things with a vigor the next few weeks to “make up” for it. The full Primary Series for the next 10 days or so. No exceptions.

Monday, May 4:


Another tough, intense day. This has been a recent theme: tough starts to the month. I can “excuse” this as it’s another Full Moon day; yesterday’s Full Moon was late last night.

Sunday, May 3:


Spent the day with Jill. ❤

Saturday, May 2:

Surya Namaskara A & B, 5x

Okay, so we have a slow start to the month. That’s okay. Today is the day before the Full Moon in Scorpio. Life is exceedingly intense. But at least I practiced. Making time every day, no matter what, even if it’s only 15 minutes, is what is important.

Friday, May 1:

Surya Namaskara A & B, 5x

My fault for not practicing in the morning, as scheduled. It is now 9:34 PM as I write this, and when I am done writing down my journals/logs for this month, I will go home and complete my repetitions.

Today has been one of the most intense days of my life. There has been a lot of crying. Jill and I have gone through trying times. Things are in a holding pattern right now. Only God knows what shall happen. I am practicing acceptance of this.

I had incredible talks with Andy and Derek, solidifying my business plans. I am immensely grateful of my friendships; I have an abundance of support, and I am truly humbled. Whatever happens with Jill, I will be stronger for it. I have new-found focus, direction and integrity, and there is no price that can be put on such conviction.

Tomorrow morning? 60-minute Short Form. See you then!