“Remember, there is a difference between grateful anger and
dehumanizing hatred,” he shouted above the din.

“What do you mean?” I yelled back.

“Grateful anger is good darkness. Dehumanizing hatred is bad darkness.”

“More clues, please.”

“Grateful anger flows when you have engaged and studied your shadow.
Dehumanizing hatred flows when you have ignored and denied your
shadow. One is fertile, the other hysterical.”

A mathematical formula: I liked that. I assumed he meant the shadow that
Carl Jung described. The unripe and unillumined corners of the soul.

He continued: “Grateful anger is when you feel thankful for the irritating
people and sickening situations that have spurred you to clarity and
righteous action. Dehumanizing hatred is when you are so in love with
your terrible emotion that you forget what needs to be changed and turn
yourself into your enemy.”

– Rob Breszny, “The Televisionary Oracle”