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It is difficult to be born human.
It is difficult to conduct life as a human being.
Rare is the opportunity to hear the Dhamma.
Even more rae is the appearance of a Buddha.

Patience that is enduring
Is the best discipline.

A shower of gold pieces cannot satisfy craving.
Sensual pleasures bring little sweetness,
Cause much suffering.
The disciple of the Buddha finds joy
In the extinction of desire.

Unwholesome action, hurting self, comes easily.
Wholesome action, healing self, takes effort.

By oneself is evil done, by oneself is one made impure.
By oneself is evil undone, by oneself is one made pure.
Each one is responsible for purity and impurity.
No one can cleanse another.

Avoid harsh speech.
Angry words backfire upon the speaker.

Though he does penance through nakedness,
With tangled hair, covering his body with mud,
Fasting, rubbing himself with ash,
And crouching in a posture of humility,
None of these rites can purify a man
Who has not freed himself of doubt.

Do not lose a moment of doing good.
Protect your mind from evil.
Whoever neglects doing good
Is inviting addiction to evil.

Don’t underestimate evil, saying,
“It can’t happen to me.”
As a pot slowly fills up with water, drop by drop,
So does the fool, little by little,
Become full of evil.

If a man has a hand free of wounds,
He can take poison in his hand.
The poison cannot penetrate the hand that is free of wounds.
Likewise, a man is not guilty
When he acts with no evil intention.

One may conquer a million men in a single battle;
However, the greatest and best warrior
Conquers himself.

A single day’s life lived by a man who grasps
The impermanence of all conditioned things
Is worth more than a hundred years lived
In blindness and ignorance.

Irrigators contain the flowing waters.
Arrowsmiths fashion arrows.
Carpenters shape wood to their design.
Wise men mold their characters.

Long is the night to the sleepless.Long is the road to the weary traveler.
Long is the cycle of rebirths to the unwise,
Who do not know the truth.

Should a traveler fail to find a companion
Equal or better,
Rather than suffer the company of a fool,
He should resolutely walk alone.

To the extent that a fool knows his foolishness,
He may be deemed wise.
A fool who considers himself wise
Is indeed a fool.

A fool may associate with a wise man throughout his life
And remain untouched by his wisdom,
Even as a spoon cannot taste the flavor of soup.

Until he feels the effect,
The fool rejoices in his evil deed.
When the action reaches fruition,
The fool harvests nothing but grief.

An evil deed does not produce its results at once.
It smolders slowly, like a fire covered by ashes,
And finally consumers its doer, the fool.

Just as a raging flood sweeps away a sleeping village,
So does death claims a man of distracted mind,
As he continually seeks more and more
Of life’s fleeting pleasures.

Pay no attention to harsh words uttered by others.
Do not be concerned with what others have or have not done.
Observe your own actions and inactions.
Like a beautiful brightly colored flower without fragrance
Is the well-spoken word without action.

Just as an arrowsmith shapes an arrow to
perfection with fire,
So does the wise man shape his mind,
Which is fickle, unsteady, vulnerable, and

A wise man should pay attention to his mind,
Which is very difficult to perceive.
It is extremely subtle and wanders wherever it
The mind, well-guarded and controlled,
Will bring him happiness.

The heart of the fully conscious man
is fearless–
He has freed his mind of lust and anger,
He has transcended both good and evil.

A mind out of control will do more harm
Than two angry men engaged in combat.

A well-directed mind creates more well-being
Than the wholesome actions of parents
Toward their children.

Mindfulness is the path to immortality.
Negligence is the path to death.
The vigilant never die,
Whereas the negligent are the living dead.

The wise man,
By vigor, mindfulness, restraint, and
Creates for himself an island
Which no flood can submerge.

The foolish, the unwise,
Surrender themselves to negligence,
Whereas the wise man protects mindfulness
As his most valuable possession.

Don’t lose yourself in negligence,
Don’t lose yourself in sensuality.
For it is the mindful and meditative man
Who will experience supreme happiness.

When the enlightened man frees himself
From careless behavior through mindfulness,
Free of sorrow, he gazes on the sorrowing
As one on the mountain top gazes on the plains below.

A seeker, concentrating on mindfulness,
Advances like a fire,
Consuming the chains of bondage
Both great and small.

A monk, or lay person, rejoicing in mindfulness,
Seeing the danger of neligence,
Cannot fall backwards
And is close to nirvana.