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Make headway against the current with your energy.
Scrupulously avoid sensory delight, O Noble One.
Knowing the cessation of conditioned things,
Be a knower of the uncreated.

I call him Noble One who stands neither on this shore,
Nor any shore,
Freed from all the chains of worry.

I call him Noble One who is meditative, serene,
Free of lust,
Having completed what needs to be done,
Stainless, having achieved the highest good.

Whoever has cut all chains,
And does not tremble,
Whoever is beyond all bonds and attachments
Him I do call a Noble One.

Whoever is free of anger,
Endures abuse, torture, imprisonment without anger,
Having infinite patience and forbearance,
Whose power and potent army is patience,
Him I do call a Noble One.

Whoever is friendly among the hostile,
Serene among those with weapons,
Detached among the clinging–
Him do I call a Noble One.

Whoever speaks gently, honestly,
Imparting knowledge,
Offending no one–
Him do I call a Noble One.

Whoever accepts nothing, long or shot,
Small or large, expensive or cheap,
Unless it is freely given to him–
Him do I call a Noble One.

Whoever has no clinging,
Whoever has freed himself from doubt through awareness,
Who has embraced the infinite–
Him do I call a Noble One.

Whoever knows all his past lives,
Sees both the happy and unhappy realms,
Is free from rebirth,
Has achieved perfect insight,
And has attained the summit of the higher life,
Him do I call a Noble One.


It is good to restrain the eye.
It is good to restrain the ear.
It is good to restrain the nose.
It is good to restrain the tongue.

It is good to restrain the body.
It is good to restrain the mind.
It is good to restrain thought.
Restraint in all things is good.
The bhikkhu with restraint in all things
Will be free from suffering.

Without reason there is no concentration.
Without concentration there is no reason.
Whoever has both, concentration of mind and reasoning power,
Approaches nirvana.

This is the way for the wise bhikkhu to begin.
Control the senses.
Practice equanimity.
Live by the disciplinary rules.
Associate with good friends, who are not lazy,
Who live purely.
Be courteous and well-mannered.
And thus, in fullness of joy,
Put an end to sufering.

Admonish yourself strongly.
Scrutinize yourself deeply.
Thus, alert and protected by your vigilance,
You will live in happiness, O monk.

Each one is his own refuge.
Each one is his own shelter.
Therefore, each one needs to train himself,
As a trainer does a thoroughbred horse.

Eradicate craving at the root, as you would weeds.
Find the sweet root.
Do not succumb to temptation over and over again.

The tree may be cut down but the roots remain,
Uninjured and strong,
And it springs up again.
Likewise, suffering returns, again and again,
If the dormant craving is not completely eradicated.

Let go of the past,
Let go of the future,
Let go of the present.
Proceed to the opposite shore wit ha free mind,
Leaving behind all conditioned things,
You shall no more fall into birth and decay.

The gift of truth is the highest gift.
The taste of truth is the sweetest taste.
The joy of truth is the greatest joy.
The extinction of craving is the end of suffering.

I shall bear harsh words,
As the elephant in battle endures arrows,
For I know that most people behave poorly.

If, by giving up lesser comforts,
A greater happiness is to be found,
The wise should give up the lesser comforts
In view of the greater happiness.

How foolish to seek comfort
Through someone else’s pain.
There is no escape from the trap of animosity.

The indolent and negligent
Accrue unwholesome mind states
By doing what should not be done,
And failing to do what should be done.

You, yourselves, must walk the path.
Buddhas only show the way.

All conditioned things are subject to change.
When one realizes this truth,
One feels wearied of these suffering heaps.
This is the way of purification.

Curb your speech.
Restrain your mind.
Commit no evil deed.
By these means,
Accomplish the practice of the path
Made out by the sages.

Wisdom is born from meditation.
Not to meditate is loss.
Know the difference between gain and loss.
Make the choice to walk where wisdom grows.

As long as there is the least clinging to lustful thoughts,
Man will remain in mental bondage,
Like a nursing calf attached to its mother.

Death carries the unaware man away,
While he is still busily acquiring children and animals,
Much as a rampaging flood engulfs a sleeping village.

He is not righteous
Who judges a situation impulsively.
But whoever distinguishes between right and wrong,
That one is righteous.

A man is not considered wise
Because he talks a lot.
But he is secure and called wise
Who is free of hate and does no harm.

A man cannot be called wise simply because he is silent.
Whoever is aware, conscious of what is,
Choosing wisely,
That one can be called a sage.

There is no fire like lust,
No vise like hatred,
No trap like delusion,
And no galloping river like craving.

There is no path through the air.
There is no real monk outside the Eightfold Path.
People love their obstacles.
Only the enlightened ones transcend them.

Avoid attachment to both what is pleasant
And what is unpleasant.
Losing the pleasant causes grief.
Dwelling on the unpleasant also causes grief.

Do not cling to the pleasant.
Let it pass,
So that the separation will not diminish you.

Sorrow springs from affection.
Fear springs from affection.
To loosen those bonods
Is to be free from sorrow and fear.

Sorrow springs from indulgence in sensual pleasures.
Fear springs from indulgence in sensual pleasures.
Whoever is free from such indulgence
Knows neither sorrow nor fear.

Truly we dwell in happiness.
Others hate, but we do not.
Surrounded by those who hate
We live free from hatred.

Victory produces hostility,
For the defeated ones live in grief.
Releasing both victory and defeat,
The tranquil minds dwell in happiness.

Hunger is the most severe bodily disease.
Conditioned things are the worst calamity.
When we see this clearly,
We achieve nirvana, the ultimate bliss.

Health is the highest prize.
Contentment is the greatest wealth.
A loyal friend is the best relative.
Nirvana is the supreme bliss.