1.53 degrees:

The person is an agent for change. He is rebellious, independent and as strong-willed as they come. There will be numerous professions, and many ups and downs in that sphere. The person has powerful ideas of the way things should be and sees no practical reason to compromise. Unlike many ultra-independent types, however, the person definitely knows the meaning of discipline, responsibility and hard work. Indeed, this aspect indicates a profound blending of conservative, traditional thinking along with radical and revolutionary desires. If the rest of the birth chart indicates strong direction and life purpose, the person will be extremely successful. He will break boundaries in his chosen field. Muhammad Ali and Barbara Streisand both have this aspect in their birth charts.

The person may be spiritual, intuitive and way ahead of the times. He will display genius in his early years. Science, metaphysics and the occult are the most natural domains for the person’s leadership, organizational and progressive talents. There is great objectivity, and the person can analyze a situation quickly and accurately. He lives in the present and is ready to secure the moment.

Psychologically, the life is not an easy one. There is an innate struggle, from childhood, between security and freedom, stability and independence. Perhaps no other planetary conjunction can so generate tension and frustration. The person feels pulled apart in his soul and psyche by the merging of two such contradictory energies. He may be restless, irritable, volatile or fitful. Leisure and recreation, or relaxing meditation techniques, should be regularly scheduled. The person is ambitious and determined. He is stubborn, obstinate, and does not give up. He abhors authority, though he is likely to become an authority figure himself. Free will is of chief importance to him.

There will be many major changes throughout life. The person is attracted to professions that are original, creative and out-of-the-ordinary. He is open-minded, fair and non-dogmatic. He is of a humanitarian nature and may be quite spiritual. Since Saturn has to do with authority, the father may have been strange, weird, occultish or a genius. Or the father may have been an unstable, unpredictable force in the person’s life. Traditional astrological texts warn that the person is prone to accidents because of his abruptness and abundance of nervous tension.