3.23 degrees:

The person has little ability to put his desires above those of others. The ego was not properly supported and nurtured during childhood by the parents or environmental factors. Therefore the person lacks a solid basis for, or understanding of, personal success. He suffers from insecurity and low self-confidence, and needs to work diligently on his sense of deserving. The person is extraordinarily sensitive to criticism and disapproval. Underneath a calm exterior, he believes (consciously or not) that he is a failure. Facing his flaws and weaknesses may become particularly difficult. The person abhors competition, and his worst fear is to take a risk. He does not wish to open himself up to possible rejection.

Hard Mars-Neptune aspects are certainly amongst the most difficult astrological features, especially if close by degree. Aside from the problems caused by two particularly incompatible energies functioning in a discordant relationship, there is a serious feature of self-delusion present. Therefore the person is rather incapable of recognizing the difficulties and complexities in his psyche. His desire nature and, more importantly, his ego are at the mercy of his well-developed imagination and animated fantasy life. Concerning his own nature, he sees and believes what pleases him. Though unaware of it, the persona he conveys to the world may be quite inconsistent with his true desires, needs and wants. Regarding his purpose and life direction, he may delude or confuse even himself! There are simply too many unacknowledged fears in the subconscious mind. Above all, the issue of failure, which resides deeply in his heart, must be confronted and handled before the person can go on to lead the rich, rewarding and successful life he may be capable of living.

The person is psychic and open to the astral realm. He is sensitive, receptive and prone to be a medium. However, he is also gullible and prone to suggestion. He is innocent and unsuspecting. He unwittingly invites deception or delusion from those around him. For these reasons, and because of a potentially obsessive personality, many traditional astrological texts warn that the person should avoid seances or major involvement in the occult. The person may be an ardent romantic. He is artistic, grandiose in schemes, and adores the hidden, mysterious side of life. There is a distinctly uncontrolled imagination which renders the person different and peculiar to the rest of the world. He may, in certain ways, be considered odd or strange by others. There is a need for earthiness, discipline and practicality, or the person will have little chance of functioning well in competitive society. He is absorbed in his imagination and fantasies. There may be a lack of consistency and follow-through.

The person lives for the gratification of sensual desires. He is an escapist from the mundane world and must diligently avoid drugs, alcohol, and any other path that takes him away from his responsibilities in the here and now. The person experiences no boundaries or check-points where his passions and cravings are concerned. A great deal of sexual experimentation is possible, as is bisexuality. The person may be preoccupied by, or obsessed with, lust and eroticism. He may become carried away by his senses. He is idealistic about sex and may consider love-making his path of merging with the Divine. In certain cases there is significant sexual confusion. The person may be unsure of his personal preference, and the issue is made more difficult since he immerses himself one-hundred percent in all sensual pursuits. Thus he may find himself enjoying both genders equally well.

Because the person has deep-down doubts about his worthiness, he is prone to attract critical or judgemental love partners. He may also possess an unconscious self-destructiveness, which eventually manifests as indulgence in some version of the sordid side of life. He may for a time associate with immoral, decadent or profane individuals. Such alliances should obviously be guarded against, particularly since the person is so naive and easily thrown off-balance. In extreme cases, the person is affected by too many unconscious or repressed desires, and there is a possibility of severe sexual perversions or deviations. There may be times in life when the person genuinely contemplates suicide, but only because he has so little control over his imagination.

The person must be extra careful about his habits. He is easily led by his cracings, and may develop addictions or dependencies which interfere with his goals and ambitions. Most importantly, the person should surround himself with loving and supportive friends. He must try to set realistic goals by asking for advice from associates and loved ones. He should beware of pessimism, discouragement and procrastination. The person may also benefit from any form of psychotherapy which deals with reprogramming the unconscious mind. Females with hard Mars-Neptune aspects ay have a particularly difficult time understanding men or masculine energy in general.