1.18 degrees:

The person is an extremist. She is eccentric by nature and is a rebellious, radical thinker. She is fanatical about truth, liberty and freedom. She is independent, and may give new meaning to the concept of restlessness. She is perpetually critical, dissatisfied with the status quo, and feels it is her job to change things. The person is as adventurous as they come. She wants to try every stimulating endeavor known to humankind. She is overly idealistic and expects her greatest dreams and visions to be fulfilled in an instant. There may be serious disappointment on this account.

The person may excel in astrology or any occult field. She may break away from her given religion and engage in many different new age techniques and philosophies. Her ideas are strange and her convictions intense. She may have ideological arguments on a regular basis. The person should choose a career which allows for a great deal of freedom, diversion and personal creativity. She is stubborn and very strong-willed. She may be generally irritable and especially annoyed by slow, dull-witted individuals. She may be direct, brash and tactless. She bluntly lets her feelings be known, and may easily o ffend others.

The person should not speculate or gamble. Though she bleieves that extraordinary luck is just around the corner, it is not. Many people with this aspect handle money poorly because of their misguided optimism. The perosn is fervent and spirited. She is on a grand search for perfection and absolute truth. She has big ideas but may be quite undisciplined. She resents authority and restriction, and wants to do things her own way. The person takes lots of risks. She lives for the moment and does not bother about the future. She is original, creative, magnetic and enthusiastic. However, she must resolutely guard against conceit. Because of her overconfidence she makes hasty, unwise judgments.

The person is extremely energetic and active. She is witty, clever, and of a keen mind. She may be amongst the most psychic of the human race. There is a strong need for patience, discipline and responsibility. There may be a great deal of movement or travel in the person’s life. She experiences more changes than the average individual. She must tone down her zealous attitude and try to see things more practically if she is to realize her goals and ambitions. James Dean and cultist Jim Jones both had the Jupiter-Uranus square aspect within one degree.