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The signs in parenthesis are where my signs are located in each house.

House I (Libra)

The Ascendant. It contains the Rising Sign, or the zodiac sign, on the horizon at the time of your birth. This is the house of your personality, the way you present yourself to the world, and your physical appearance. This house begins your astrological chart, and the houses move counterclockwise from this starting point.

House II (Scorpio)

Possessions, finances, and how you handle money.

House III (Sagittarius)

Social and intellectual learning. Short-distance travel, correspondence, communications and studies, and neighbors and relatives.

House IV (Capricorn)

Home, family, roots, and deep emotions/sense of self-worth.

House V (Aquarius)

Creative self-expression, romance, speculation and amusements, children, and gambling.

House VI (Pisces)

Service to others, your work and daily routine, and health. Area of learning by material transaction.

House VII (Aries)

One-on-one relationships: marriage and partnerships. It is where the first house merges with the world and you become more public.

House VIII (Taurus)

Area of emotional security and of security of the soul.

House IX (Gemini)

Area of learning that shapes the identity. Long-distance travel, religion, ethics, and in-laws.

Midheaven (Cancer)

Area of material action. The Mid-heaven represents the work one will do in his life, the place one will take in the world of society. It becomes more important as one grows older. Career, standing in the community, and social status. Also refers to the father.

House XI (Leo)

Area of search for social and intellectual security. Friends, hopes and wishes. Also represents associations.

House XII (Virgo)

Area of education and of emotion. Secrets, confinements, subconscious thinking, and restrictions.

Excerpted from Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs. Copyright 1998 by Golden Mountain Investments. A Bantam Book.

The Sun


Spirit, Physical Force, Life Force, Character


The Father, Males in General, The Masculine Side of Woman

“I represent the life force and the physical body, and I am at the center of everybody’s chart. The dot is to remind you to keep yourself centered.”

The Moon
moon symbol


Emotions, Empathy, Receptivity in Subconscious Needs


The Mother, Women in General, The Feminine Side of Man

“I represent emotional needs. I am changeable. Sometimes I have more needs than at other times. I am drawn like a crescent, but in a chart I can be a sliver or a full Moon, depending on how much attention I need.”



Mental Activity, Intelligence, Reasoning & Communication


Short Journeys, Brothers and Sisters, Studies

“I represent the thoughts, phrases, and sounds of the way you speak.”



Love, Marriage, Attraction


Our Capacity for Love, Beauty & Harmony

“I represent the colors, sound, music, and varieties of love. I also am there to provide you with smooth sailing through the stormy seas of life. I bring beauty and blessing.”




Energy, Physical Stamina, Motivation


How We Act Out, Our Sexual Impulses, Passion and Challenges, Sexual Expression in Men

“I represent your physical energy, how you act and react.”



Benefits, Good Fortune, Expansive Ideas, Social Adaptation


Personal Ethics, Philosophies, Personal Growth

“I represent the promise of all good things. I am your good luck charm.”



Careers, Philosophies, Personal Growth, Public Recognition


Sense of Responsibility, Loyalties, Commitment to Family, Stability

“Limitations, structure, authority, discipline, boundary, striving, responsibilities, depression, stability.”



Ability to experiment, Innovate and Change; Sudden and Unexpected


Our Reckless Side, Where We Seek Our Thrills, Our Eccentricities

“I represent the planet of change. I come in and make electrifying, sweeping changes. I am always unplanned and uninvited. But I am not unpleasant unless you try to totally resist me.”



Illusions, Imagination, Vision, Misconceptions, and Fantasies


Romantic Side, Romantic Fantasies, Where We Can Be Deceived, Where We Like to Escape

“I am the planet of deception. Sometimes I bring confusion and mix-ups. Sometimes I tell lies or try to trick you. I can bring dreams and illusions. Everybody needs me for a little magic sometimes. I am rose-colored glasses.”



Transformation, Our Ability to Reinvent Ourselves, Subconscious Drives and Forces, Change


Rejuvenation, Crisis, Beginnings and Endings

“I am here to change your life. Wherever I land in your chart is what I tear down to rebuild. I am here for your ultimate good–if you will not resist my energies. I am the planet of life and death, of the new you and the old you. I repair and resurrect. I cause you to reinvent yourself every nw and then.”

Excerpted from Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs. Copyright 1998 by Golden Mountain Investments. A Bantam Book.

*Mutual aspects between the other planets, the Moons and Ascendents of the two horoscopes will somewhat modify the description of the relationship given  (in a positive or negative way) but will not basically alter the foundation of the patterns as described.

1-1 Sun Sign Pattern

Aries — Aries
Taurus — Taurus

In your associations with these people born under your own Sun Sign, you will each be tempted to magnify your own virtues and failings.

2-12 Pattern

Aries — Taurus
Taurus — Gemini
Gemini — Cancer
Cancer — Leo
Leo — Virgo
Virgo — Libra
Libra — Scorpio
Scorpio — Sagittarius
Sagittarius — Capricorn
Capricorn — Aquarius
Aquarius — Pisces
Pisces — Aries

In your associations with these people, one of you will feel that he (or she) has many lessons to learn from the other. The one who has lessons to teach will feel an inexplicable compassion for the other’s markedly different motives and behavior.

3-11  Pattern

Aries — Gemini and Aquarius
Taurus — Cancer and Pisces
Gemini — Aries and Leo
Cancer — Taurus and Virgo
Leo — Gemini and Libra
Virgo — Cancer and Scorpio
Libra — Leo and Sagittarius
Scorpio — Virgo and Capricorn
Sagittarius — Libra and Aquarius
Capricorn — Scorpio and Pisces
Aquarius — Aries and Sagittarius
Pisces — Taurus and Capricorn

You’ll feel a strong tie of friendship, whatever the association you share with these individuals. There will be mutual trust, and much ease of communication, back and forth. You are very different; yet these differences have little or no effect on your regard for each other. There could be a sense of responsibility, some sort of inescapable duty, that brings you together, and strengthens the bond between you. You’ll find these individuals easy to talk with, and you’ll constantly stimulate each other into changing habits and existing situations.

You’ll probably form very close friendships with these people, and remain friendly always. Any quarrels will usually be quickly resolved, forgiven and forgotten. You may bicker and disagree frequently, and be annoyed by some mutual obligation that ties you together, yet be unable to avoid it–and even when the association seems to be a closed chapter it will reappear months or years later, to be once more resumed.

4-10 Pattern

Aries — Cancer and Capricorn
Taurus — Leo and Aquarius
Gemini — Virgo and Pisces
Cancer — Libra and Aries
Leo — Taurus and Scorpio
Virgo — Gemini and Sagittarius
Libra — Cancer and Capricorn
Scorpio — Leo and Aquarius
Sagittarius — Virgo and Pisces
Cparicorn — Aries and Libra
Aquarius — Taurus and Scorpio
Pisces — Gemini and Sagittarius

Not always, but surprisingly often, you’ll feel a noticeable tension or conflict of personality, either disapproving of them or sensing that they disapprove of you in some way. One person may grow restless because of the strict disciplinary attempts of the other. There will always be some degree of mental and emotional restriction, for various reason.

5-9 Pattern

Aries — Leo and Sagittarius
Taurus — Virgo and Capricorn
Gemini — Libra and Aquarius
Cancer — Scorpio and Pisces
Leo — Aries and Sagittarius
Virgo — Taurus and Capricorn
Libra — Gemini and Aquarius
Scorpio — Cancer and Pisces
Sagittarius — Aries and Leo
Capricorn — Taurus and Virgo
Aquarius — Gemini and Libra
Pisces — Cancer and Scorpio

Not always, but surprisingly often, you’ll find easy empathy, mental stimulation, emotional affinity (or romantic fulfillment) with these people.

There will be strong sympathy between you, and misunderstandings will usually not be severe or lasting. The chances for harmony are excellent, and a happy relationship on a permanent basis is more effortlessly achieved than with any other Sun Sign.

6-8 Pattern

Aries — Virgo and Scorpio
Taurus — Libra and Sagittarius
Gemini — Scorpio and Capricorn
Cancer — Sagittarius and Aquarius
Leo — Capricorn and Pisces
Virgo — Aries and Aquarius
Libra — Taurus and Pisces
Scorpio — Aries and Gemini
Sagittarius — Taurus and Cancer
Capricorn — Gemini and Leo
Aquarius — Cancer and Virgo
Pisces — Leo and Libra

You will have some problem in communicating with these individuals. Yet you’ll be oddly intrigued by the puzzling charisma, and powerfully drawn into its spell. If the tie between you is a love relationship, you’ll feel an irresistible sexual attraction toward the individual.

If the relationship is not love, but is one of friendship, or a business or familial association, then the person will draw you, not through sexual chemistry, but through some shared interest in the supernatural–death, birth, reincarnation, and all spiritual matters–or situations involving money which belongs to neither of you. There may be times when this person will seem unnecessarily secretive in your association.

In some way, these individuals will have a desire to help you, and you’ll feel an urge to help them. One or both of you will serve the other willingly, with little or no resentment–and one will often protect the other from those who attempt to harm her or him. There may be times when the favors extended are resented yet there will be no choice in the matter. Under this vibrational pattern, service given will always be repaid by the fascination of the association itself. In some way, a great benefit will come from one to the other through the relationship, and the one who serves will usually remain loyal.

7-7 Pattern

Aries — Libra
Taurus — Scorpio
Gemini — Sagittarius
Cancer — Capricorn
Leo — Aquarius
Virgo — Pisces

Not always, but frequently, you will be either physically attracted to–or secretly admire and respect–those of the opposite sex born under the Sun Sign listed here opposite your own because these individuals possess the qualities of character and personality traits you yourself lack. The attraction and the urge to imitate will be strong.

However, you may feel uneasy, envious of, or strongly competitive with those individuals of your own sex who were born under this Sun Sign.

Excerpted from Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, published in 1978 by Harper & Row, Publishers. Copyright by Mannitou Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.

Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendents that are trine (positive or harmonious) to each other:

Aries  —  Leo
Aries — Sagittarius
Taurus — Virgo
Taurus — Capricorn

Gemini — Libra
Gemini — Aquarius
Cancer — Scorpio
Cancer — Pisces

Leo — Sagittarius
Virgo — Capricorn
Libra — Aquarius
Scorpio — Pisces

Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendents that are sextile (positive or harmonious) to each other:

Aries — Gemini
Aries — Aquarius
Taurus — Cancer
Taurus — Pisces

Gemini — Leo
Cancer — Virgo
Leo — Libra
Virgo — Scorpio

Libra — Sagittarius
Scorpio — Capricorn
Sagittarius — Aquarius
Capricorn — Pisces

Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendents that are conjuct (positive or harmonious) or conjoined with each other:

All identical signs/ascendents, such as: Aries — Aries, Taurus — Taurus, etc.

Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendents that are Square (negative or inharmonious) with each other:

Aries — Cancer
Aries — Capricorn
Taurus — Leon
Taurus — Aquarius

Gemini — Virgo
Gemini — Pisces
Cancer — Libra
Leo — Scorpio

Virgo — Sagittarius
Libra — Capricorn
Scorpio — Aquarius
Sagittarius — Pisces

Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendents that are opposed (negative or disharmonious) or in opposition to each other:

Aries — Libra
Taurus — Scorpio
Gemini — Sagittarius

Cancer — Capricorn
Leo — Aquarius
Virgo — Pisces

Excerpted from Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, published in 1978 by Harper & Row, Publishers. Copyright by Mannitou Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.



Fire blends easily with Fire and Air but requires tolerance to blend with Earth and Water.



Air blends easily with Air and Fire but requires tolerance to blend with Earth and Water.



Earth blends easily with Earth and Water but requires tolerance to blend with Fire and Air.



Water blends easily with Water and Earth but requires tolerance to blend with Fire and Air.


Air fans Fire, and causes it to burn more brightly, stimulating enthusiasm and excitement–or inciting passion and anger. Too much Fire can burn up the oxygen in Air, making it difficult to breathe–and too much Air, such as a strong wind, can cause a flame to flicker even more dimly.


It is always obvious which is the stronger and more enduring of the two elements. Earth remains where it is, unless moved by inner explosion, or through outside forces. Fire charts its own course, ever reaching toward the heavens. Fire can scorch Earth but never completely destroy it. Earth will support Fire, forming a stable foundation for its flames; yet too much Earth can bury the brightest Fire.


A large Fire can dehydrate or dry out a small amount of Water, with excessive heat. On the other hand, large quantities of Water can extinguish Fire, put out its flames. Therefore, Fire instinctively either fears or respects Water, and vice versa. Both subconsciously sense the danger–that each is capable of completely destroying the other.


Earth contains Air and needs it, but Air neither contains Earth nor needs it. Earth is obligated to remain where it is, moving only through earthquake, volcanic or outside forces. Air has freed itself from such restricitons, moving above the Earth at whim, neither changing Earth nor long remaining. Earth is detached from Air, seemingly unaware of its existence, until strong winds disturb the plants and flowers growing on its surface, rooted in its bosom.


Water seeks a home, which it finds within the Earth, penetrating Earth and moistening it, which is a blessing to the Earth–for it is Water’s penetration alone that allows Earth to “mother” all forms of living plants, trees and flowers. Without the enrichment of Water, Earth is dry and useless. Without the Earth to moisten, Water’s course is aimless and equally useless. These two elements were designed to need the other. But too much Water can turn Earth into mud or quicksand–and too little Water can be lost, can disappear withini the mountainous masses of Earth.


Air penetrates Water. . . stirs it, churns it into lashing waves . . . then moves away . . . an infilration or attack over which Water has no control. When Water penetrates Air in the form of moisture, it causes Air to be heavy. But, in the process, it also brings to all of Nature the blessed relief of rain, magically changing Air into its own element, a transmutation over which Air has no control. In the final analysis, there is no choice of outcome for either individual–only through Destiny’s Higher Will.

Excerpted from Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, published in 1978 by Harper & Row, Publishers. Copyright by Mannitou Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.

There are 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac, beginning in spring with Aries.

Sun Signs are grouped by the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. There are certain attributes to each sign: cardinal (leaders), fixed (organizers) and mutable (communicators), as well as positive (masculine; aggressive, dynamic idealists) and negative (feminine; secretive, reflective strategists).


Aries: The Infant

“I am”

March 20th into April 20th

Ruler: Mars

Symbol: The Ram


Leo: The Teenager

“I will”

July 22nd into August 23rd

Ruler: The Sun

Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat


Sagittarius: Knowledge

“I see”

November 22nd into December 21st

Ruler: Jupiter

Symbol: Archer & Centaur



Taurus: The baby

“I have”

April 20th into May 21st

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: The Bull


Virgo: The adult

“I analyze”

August 23rd into September 23rd

Ruler: Mercury

Symbol: The Virgin


Capricorn: Experience

“I use”

December 21st into January 20th

Ruler: Saturn

Symbol: The Goat



Gemini: The child

“I think”

May 21st into June 21st

Ruler: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins


Libra: Marriage

“I balance”

September 23rd into October 23rd

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: The Scales


Aquarius: Idealism

“I know”

January 20th into February 19th

Ruler: Uranus

Symbol: The Water Bearer



Cancer: The adolescent

“I feel”

June 21st into July 22nd

Ruler: The Moon

Symbol: The Crab


Scorpio: Sex

“I desire”

October 23rd into November 22nd

Ruler: Pluto

Symbol: Scorpion & Eagle


Pisces: Submission

“I believe”

February 19th into March 20th

Ruler: Neptune

Symbol: The Fish


Excerpted from Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, published in 1978 by Harper & Row, Publishers. Copyright by Mannitou Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.